14 Weekend Side Hustles with $40k+ Potential

We’ve all heard it, the call of the weekend. It’s our much-deserved rest after a long week of work, a chance to sleep in, catch up with friends, or perhaps binge-watch a series on Netflix.

But what if your weekend could also become a treasure trove of opportunity? An opportunity to generate a stream of extra income or even build a path towards financial freedom. Yes, we’re talking about weekend side hustles, and they are just as exciting as they sound.

Reap the Rewards of Weekend Side Hustles

Just think about it for a moment. Imagine ending your week not just with relaxation in mind, but also the prospect of a lucrative weekend side job. You might be wondering, “But isn’t the weekend for resting?”

Of course, we all need our downtime, but a weekend side hustle can actually be an energizing, enjoyable way to use your spare time.

The primary advantage of weekend side hustles is the flexibility they offer. You can manage your own schedule, work during your own hours and the extra money you earn could be a lifesaver for unexpected expenses, or fund a well-deserved vacation, or even become a passive income source.

Furthermore, the money isn’t the only reward. Side hustles offer a platform for you to explore new fields, acquire new skills, and even meet new people. They can be your playground where you test new ideas with minimal risk, all while making decent money.

A Plethora of Weekend Side Jobs Await

So now that we’ve got you interested, you might be wondering, “But where do I start?” The opportunities for weekend jobs are vast and varied. With the rise of the gig economy, finding a weekend side job has never been easier. Whether you’re into writing, have a knack for dog walking, or you’re a whiz at being a virtual assistant, there’s a side hustle out there with your name on it.

In this post, we’re going to delve deeper into some of the most popular and profitable side hustles that you can start from the comfort of your home or even out in the fresh air. We’ll cover everything from the basics to how to maximize your earnings. So if you’re ready to start making some extra cash, keep reading and let’s embark on this side hustle journey together.

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#1 Penning Your Path: Freelance Writing as a Side Hustle

Now, let’s talk about the power of the pen – or the keyboard, as the case may be in our digital era. Freelance writing is one of those versatile weekend side jobs that offer you flexibility and the potential to earn decent money.

What is a Writing Side Hustle All About?

Freelance writing encompasses a broad spectrum of opportunities. It could be crafting engaging blog posts, writing compelling marketing copy, or even penning the next bestselling eBook. As long as you have a way with words and an internet connection, a writing side hustle can be your ticket to making extra income over the weekend.

One of the best aspects of a writing side hustle is the ability to work from anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re snuggled up in bed with your laptop, sitting in your favorite coffee shop, or even if you’ve sneaked away to the beach, your workplace is where you want it to be.

Kickstarting Your Writing Side Hustle

Starting out as a freelance writer doesn’t have to be daunting. Start by identifying your areas of interest or expertise. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, writing about health and wellness could be your niche. Are you a whizz in the kitchen? Writing recipes or food blogs could be your thing.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, create a few samples of your work. These will act as your portfolio when you start looking for weekend jobs. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are great places to find freelance writing gigs.

Show Me the Money: Earnings for Freelance Writers

Now, let’s talk about the extra cash you could be making. The earnings for freelance writers vary widely, depending on your experience and the type of writing you’re doing. According to a survey by ClearVoice, freelance writers can make anywhere from $0.10 to $1 per word, making it a lucrative weekend job for those with a knack for words.

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#2 (Wo)man’s Best Friend: Making Money with Pet Sitting

If writing isn’t quite your thing, but you’re an animal lover, pet sitting might just be the perfect weekend side hustle for you.

The Joyful Basics of Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is just as fun as it sounds. It involves taking care of pets, usually while their owners are away. This could involve feeding, walking, playing with them, and generally ensuring they’re well taken care of. The best part? You get to make extra income while spending time with adorable animals.

Landing Pet Sitting Gigs

Getting started with pet sitting is fairly straightforward. You could start by offering your services to friends, family, or neighbors. Websites like Rover and Care.com also offer platforms where pet owners can find and hire pet sitters.

Don’t forget to showcase any previous experience you’ve had with animals, whether you’ve had pets of your own or have done pet sitting before. This can help increase your credibility and attract more clients.

How Much Can You Earn Pet Sitting?

The pay for pet sitting varies depending on factors like location, the number of pets, and the services you’re providing. However, according to a survey by Pet Sitters International, pet sitters can earn an average of $16-$20 per visit, making it a great way to make some extra cash over the weekend. Who knew being an animal lover could be so rewarding?

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#3 Canine Companions: Dog Walking Weekend Side Jobs

We all know the phrase, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” But what if your best friend could also help you make some extra cash during the weekend? Enter dog walking, a fun and rewarding side hustle idea for animal lovers.

Perks of Walking Dogs

First off, who wouldn’t love spending their time with furry friends? Dog walking is not just about making more money. It’s also about getting to know different dogs, their personalities, and even their favorite parks. Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise and fresh air during your weekend.

Remember, a happy dog makes for a happy dog walker!

How to Secure Dog Walking Jobs

Finding dog walking jobs is easier than you might think. If you already pet sit, consider offering your existing clients a dog walking service as well. You can also advertise your services in local pet stores or community boards.

There are also various online platforms like Rover and Wag! that connect dog walkers with dog owners. Just sign up, create a profile, and you’re ready to walk dogs on your own schedule.

Earnings From Dog Walking

So, how much can you expect to earn from this weekend side job? According to Wag!, dog walkers can earn up to $25 per hour. Keep in mind, rates can vary depending on your location and the number of dogs you walk at a time.

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#4 On-The-Go Earnings: Being a Delivery Driver

If you prefer the open road over parks and have a reliable vehicle, becoming a delivery driver might be your route to earning some extra money over the weekend.

Being a Delivery Driver: What It Means

Being a delivery driver typically means you’re transporting goods from a business to its customers. This could involve delivering meals from restaurants, groceries from supermarkets, or even parcels for e-commerce businesses.

The beauty of this weekend job is that you get to set your own hours. If you prefer the calm of early mornings or the quiet of late nights, you can schedule your deliveries accordingly.

How to Get Started as a Delivery Driver

Getting started as a delivery driver is usually a straightforward process. Companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Instacart are always on the lookout for drivers. All you need is a reliable vehicle, a clean driving record, and the necessary insurance.

Delivery Driver Earnings

So, how much can you make as a delivery driver? According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for delivery drivers ranges from $7 to $25 per hour, not including tips. So, it’s safe to say that being a delivery driver can be a lucrative way to make extra income over the weekend.

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#5 Digital Help: Virtual Assistant as a Weekend Side Job

In this era of digital connectivity, becoming a virtual assistant is a terrific way to make extra money online during the weekend.

The Role of a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) are the modern-day administrative helpers, but instead of being in an office, they operate online. Their tasks range from managing emails and schedules, handling social media management, to even taking care of customer service issues.

One of the biggest draws of this weekend job is the flexibility it offers. As a VA, you can work at your convenience and set your own hours.

Getting Started as a Virtual Assistant

So how do you kickstart your virtual assistant journey? First, assess your skills. Are you a whiz at organization? Do you have a knack for social media? Once you’ve identified your skills, start promoting your services. This can be on LinkedIn, freelance platforms like Upwork, or even via your own personal network.

Pay Range for Virtual Assistants

The earning potential for VAs can be quite appealing. Depending on the tasks and hours, virtual assistants can earn anywhere from $15 to $100 per hour.

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#6 Building Dreams: Your Own Online Business

In the digital world, the opportunities for making decent money are endless. One such opportunity is starting your own online business.

Understanding Online Businesses

Simply put, an online business is a company that operates on the internet. This could be anything from an eCommerce store selling handmade crafts, to a digital marketing agency helping other businesses grow their online presence.

An online business lets you be your own boss, offering the flexibility to work whenever you want. Plus, it provides the chance to turn a passion into a source of income.

Setting Up an Online Business

Starting an online business can seem intimidating, but don’t worry! The first step is identifying what you’re passionate about and how you can turn that into a business. Then, plan your strategy, build your website (or use a platform like Etsy or Shopify), and start promoting your business through SEO, social media, and other marketing channels.

Remember, consistency is key. An online business might not make a lot of money immediately, but with time and effort, it can become a great source of passive income.

Making Money Online: the Income Possibilities

The income potential from an online business varies widely depending on the business model, your commitment, and how effectively you market your product or service. Some online entrepreneurs make a few hundred dollars a month, while others make thousands or even millions.

Remember, while the goal is to make extra cash, running an online business also gives you an opportunity to learn new skills and maybe even discover a new passion. So why not give it a try? Who knows, your weekend side hustle might just turn into a full-time gig!

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#7 Sharing Knowledge: Creating an Online Course for Extra Cash

Ever thought about sharing your expertise with the world and earning extra cash from it? Then creating an online course could be your ideal weekend side job.

The World of Online Course Creation

Online courses have become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to the convenience they offer to learners. Whether it’s photography, marketing, cooking, or even pet grooming, if you’re skilled in something, there’s likely an audience eager to learn from you.

Crafting Your Online Course

Creating an online course takes a bit of planning and a lot of passion. Start by identifying a topic you’re skilled in and confident about. Next, plan out your course content, ensuring it’s engaging and digestible. There are plenty of platforms like Udemy or Coursera where you can host your course.

Marketing is key to ensure your course reaches your target audience. Utilize your existing networks, social media, and even consider some SEO tactics to get your course noticed.

Earning Potential from Online Courses

Depending on the course topic, price, and how well you market it, your online course can become a significant source of extra income. Some instructors have made a few hundred dollars, while others have generated thousands.

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#8 Rise in the Rankings: SEO Weekend Job

For those who are tech-savvy and have a knack for problem-solving, offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services could be the perfect gig for making money.

The Nitty-Gritty of SEO

SEO is all about improving a website’s visibility on search engines like Google. It’s a crucial aspect of digital marketing, as good SEO can significantly increase web traffic and, in turn, potential business.

Learning and Implementing SEO

There are numerous online resources, like Moz and Google’s SEO Starter Guide, where you can learn the basics of SEO. You’ll learn about keywords, backlinking, on-page optimization, and much more.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can start offering SEO services. This could be improving a website’s SEO or offering SEO content writing.

SEO Services: Show Me the Money

The income from SEO services can vary widely. Beginners might make around $15 to $50 per hour, while more experienced SEO specialists can earn significantly more. As you gain more experience and results, you can increase your rates.

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#9 Telling Your Story: Starting a Blog

If you love writing and sharing your thoughts, starting a blog can be a wonderful and potentially lucrative weekend job.

The Wonderful World of Blogging

A blog is an online platform where you can publish your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and more. Whether it’s travel, food, fashion, or personal finance, there’s a potential blog niche for virtually every interest.

Your Blogging Journey

Getting started with blogging is fairly straightforward. Decide on your niche, choose a blogging platform (like WordPress or Blogger), create your blog, and start writing! Remember, consistency is key in the blogging world.

Monetizing Your Blog

There are several ways to monetize a blog. These include advertising (like Google AdSense), affiliate marketing (promoting products for a commission), sponsored posts, or even selling your own products or services. While it may take some time to generate a substantial income, with patience and persistence, blogging can become a very profitable weekend job.

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#10 Lights, Camera, Action: Starting a YouTube Channel

Fancy yourself a bit of a star? Starting a YouTube channel could be your ticket to earning some decent money, all while setting your own hours.

Diving into the World of YouTube

YouTube channels can be about virtually anything – cooking, comedy sketches, fashion, fitness, you name it. If you have a passion for something and enjoy being in front of the camera, YouTube might be the perfect platform for you.

Your YouTube Journey

Starting a YouTube channel involves a few simple steps. Create a Google account (if you don’t have one already), decide on your channel’s niche, design your channel, and start creating content! Remember, quality and consistency are key to growing your YouTube audience.

Cashing in on YouTube

There are various ways to monetize a YouTube channel. Ad revenue, channel memberships, merchandise shelf, and super chat are some of the most common. As per YouTube’s Partner Program requirements, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months to start earning money. The more your channel grows, the more money you can make!

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#11 Make Money by Sharing: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn passive income over the weekend. All it requires is a platform to share product recommendations and a keen audience!

Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a company’s products or services. When someone makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link, you’ll earn a commission. It’s an excellent way to monetize a blog, YouTube channel, or social media profile.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Begin by choosing a niche for your affiliate marketing efforts. Next, sign up for affiliate programs that match your niche (Amazon Associates is a great starting point). Start promoting the products on your chosen platform, making sure to disclose your affiliate links to your audience.

Show Me the Affiliate Marketing Money!

The earning potential for affiliate marketing varies. Some affiliates earn a few hundred dollars a month, while others pull in thousands. It largely depends on the products you promote, the commission rates, and the size of your audience.

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#12 Teach, Learn, Earn: Teach English Online

Are you a wizard with words? Do you have a flair for teaching? Why not consider teaching English online? It’s an amazing weekend job where you set your own schedule.

The World of Online English Teaching

Teaching English online involves teaching English language skills to students worldwide. The beauty of this job is its flexibility – you can do it from the comfort of your home, and the hours are often very flexible.

Becoming an Online English Teacher

To get started, you’ll typically need to be fluent in English and have a bachelor’s degree (in any field). A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification can also be advantageous. Platforms like VIPKid, QKids, and iTutorGroup connect teachers with students and provide the teaching materials.

Income from Teaching English Online

Pay rates for teaching English online vary, but you can generally expect to earn between $14 to $26 per hour. Some platforms offer incentives and bonuses, so your earnings can add up to some extra money, perfect for making your weekends more financially fruitful.

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#13 Be Social, Get Paid: Social Media Management

Do you love staying updated with the latest trends on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Could you spend hours crafting the perfect post? Then the role of a social media manager could be your weekend side hustle dream come true.

What’s in a Post? Understanding the Side Hustle

A social media manager takes on the responsibility of representing a company across social channels as the sole voice of the brand. They respond to comments, compile campaigns and create content. These experts provide organizations with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

Tweet, Post, and Share Your Way to a Social Side Hustle

Becoming a social media manager requires a deep understanding of social media platforms and trends. You’ll need to know how to create engaging content, analyze performance data, and use social media management tools. If you’re already a social media enthusiast, you might consider getting a certification from a reputable program to boost your credibility.

Earning Potential for Social Media Management

As a social media manager, your income can vary widely, depending on your experience and the scope of the projects you take on. According to Glassdoor, as of 2021, social media managers in the United States earn an average salary of around $50,000 per year. Of course, as a side job, your earnings might be less, but it’s still a great way to make extra cash while doing something you love on the weekend. Plus, as you build experience and expand your client base, your earnings can increase. So go ahead, tweet your way to some extra cash this weekend!

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#14 Craft Your Income with Etsy

If you have a creative flair and a love for all things unique and handmade, then opening an Etsy store might be the perfect weekend side hustle for you. Etsy is an online marketplace where creators and collectors from around the world sell unique items, from handmade goods to vintage treasures.

Get Started With Your Etsy Store

To get started, you’ll need to set up an Etsy account, which is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Next, you’ll want to think about what type of products you want to sell. Are you a gifted painter? A talented jewelry maker? Maybe you have a passion for creating unique, custom clothing. Whatever your creative talent, there’s likely a market for it on Etsy.

When setting up your shop, consider how you can make your products stand out from the crowd. Use high-quality photos to showcase your items, and provide detailed, engaging descriptions to capture the attention of potential buyers.

You’ll also want to price your items competitively. Look at other sellers in your niche to get an idea of what the market rate is, and consider your material and time costs when setting your prices.

Marketing Your Etsy Shop

Marketing is a crucial aspect of running a successful Etsy shop. Utilize social media platforms to share your creations, and consider creating an email newsletter to keep your customers up-to-date with new products and sales. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also essential on Etsy, as you’ll want to use relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions to help potential customers find your shop.

Earning Potential

The income potential for an Etsy shop can vary greatly depending on the demand for your products, your pricing strategy, and the time you invest in your shop. Some sellers make a few extra dollars a month, while others earn a full-time income from their shops.

Running an Etsy shop can be a fulfilling and lucrative side hustle that allows you to make money doing what you love. Plus, you have the freedom to set your own hours and work from the comfort of your home, making it a perfect weekend side job. If you’re ready to turn your passion into a profitable venture, an Etsy shop could be the perfect weekend side hustle for you.

Always remember, every great shop started from somewhere. So don’t be afraid to start small and gradually grow. Good luck and happy selling!

The Weekend is Calling: Kickstart Your Side Hustle!

Wow, what a journey we’ve taken, diving into some of the most lucrative weekend side hustles available today! We’ve covered everything from freelance writing and pet sitting to starting an online business or becoming a virtual assistant.

Are you imagining yourself strolling through the neighborhood, getting some fresh air while earning decent money as a dog walker? Or are you considering leveraging your digital skills in the gig economy as a social media manager? Perhaps you’re dreaming of setting your own schedule and making more money by creating your very own online course. The opportunities are boundless!

Remember, the goal of these weekend jobs is not only to help you earn some extra cash. They’re also about doing something you love, adding value to others’ lives, and maybe even learning a new skill or two. Your weekend side hustle can be a fun, fulfilling way to spend your spare time and make a few dollars (or more!) in the process.

Now it’s your turn to jump in and make a splash. And when you do, we’d love to hear about it! Drop us a comment sharing which side hustle caught your attention, or better yet, share your personal experience.

Maybe you have a unique weekend job you’re already rocking that didn’t make our list. We can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories and brilliant ideas for making extra money on the weekend. Here’s to your success in finding the perfect weekend side hustle!


How can I make $500 in a weekend?

Making $500 in a single weekend may sound like a lot, but it’s definitely achievable with the right approach. You could use a combination of side hustles to reach your goal. For instance, you could sell items on Etsy, work as a freelance writer or social media manager, and walk dogs. The key is to offer high-demand services or goods and set competitive rates. Another tactic is to capitalize on high-earning opportunities like tutoring or teaching English online, where you can often charge a higher hourly rate.

However, remember that most side hustles require some time to set up and get going, so patience is key. While it’s possible to make $500 in a weekend, it’s also crucial to set realistic expectations and understand that it may take a few weekends to hit your income goal consistently.

How can I make extra money on the weekends?

There are many ways to make extra money on the weekends, and the best method for you will depend on your skills, interests, and available time. Some popular weekend side hustles include pet sitting, dog walking, working as a delivery driver, or being a virtual assistant.

If you’re a creative type, consider selling your handcrafted goods on Etsy or offering freelance design services. If you enjoy teaching, consider offering tutoring services or creating and selling an online course.

The possibilities are virtually endless, and the great part is you can often set your own hours, making these side hustles flexible and suitable for your weekend schedule.

How to make $100 a day side hustle?

Making $100 a day from a side hustle requires you to think about your hourly rate and the time you can commit each day. If you’re able to charge $25 per hour for your services, you’ll need to work four hours each day to make $100.

Here are a few ideas for high-earning side hustles:

1. Freelance Writing: Many businesses pay well for high-quality content. If you’re a good writer, you can make a substantial income from freelance writing.

2. Tutoring or Teaching English Online: This can command high hourly rates, especially if you’re teaching specialized subjects or preparing students for standardized tests.

3. SEO Services: If you have a good understanding of SEO, you can offer your services to businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Remember, it’s not just about finding a side hustle that pays well — it’s also important to find something you enjoy and are good at, as this will help ensure the longevity of your side hustle.

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