Hey there, mama! I’m so thrilled you’ve landed here in your journey to embrace the mompreneur life.

Whether you’re cozied up on your couch, laptop teetering on your knees amidst the delightful chaos of your kiddos, or daydreaming of your very own business – this is your place. I created this blog just for you, to help bring those dreams to life.

Let me share a slice of my journey with you.

Back in 2015, I was punching the clock at a bustling startup. It felt like the dream job I’d envisioned as a fresh-faced college grad. But after just a year, I was worn to the bone, craving something more from life, even though I was a fresh-off-the-aisle newlywed without kids.

Creativity and entrepreneurship have always been part of my DNA. I remember being 12 years old, knocking on doors with my best friend, selling handmade bookmarks for 50 cents a pop. Our business was small, but it ignited a spark in me that never faded.

Fast forward to my 9-5 grind, I had this growing urge to break free, to launch my own venture. But the thought was terrifying, especially given the mountain of student debt my husband and I were grappling with.

I knew I needed to take the reins of my financial destiny. And deep down, I felt that starting my own business was the only way to do that. I remember that intense conversation with my husband at a Starbucks, where I shared my plan to quit my job and kickstart my own digital agency. It was a leap of faith, with little room for failure.

But, I trusted my gut, mustered my courage, and made the call to my boss then and there to quit. And guess what? I’ve never looked back since!

Over the last decade, I’ve built and run three thriving digital agencies. I’ve had the privilege of working with clients ranging from Fortune 500s like Lexus to some of the largest real estate development companies in the country. While these ventures have been financially rewarding, making me more money than I could have ever made in the corporate world (even as a director or VP!), they also led me to something even more rewarding: the joy of helping others.

Helping corporate clients rake in profits has been great, but there’s something uniquely fulfilling about helping fellow moms carve out more from life and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Recently, a young mom asked me how I built my business. I ended up crafting a comprehensive guide for her, staying up late into the night. The sense of fulfillment I felt was indescribable, and I realized I’d discovered a new calling – helping others through my life experiences.

That’s how Boss Mom Collective was born. My next chapter is about empowering moms like you to discover your purpose and achieve financial freedom, all while cherishing time with your family.

Owning a business has been the best decision I’ve made as a mom. It’s brought a freedom and flexibility I could never have found in a corporate job. And now, I’m here to help you make it happen for you too, mama!

Blessings and love,