Free Online Courses for Stay at Home Moms (#6 Makes Serious Money)

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for opportunities to grow, learn and maybe even start your own venture right from the comfort of your home? Then these free online courses for stay at home moms are perfect for you!

Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean putting your personal and professional development on hold. With this list of the best free online courses (IMO), you can easily pick up new skills, dive into a world of knowledge, and open doors to new possibilities.

Whether you’re interested in learning social media marketing or freelance writing, or perhaps starting an online business, there’s a course out there for you. Let’s dive into the world of free learning and uncover the best online courses designed with stay-at-home moms in mind.

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The Benefits of a Free Course for Stay-at-Home Moms

As a stay-at-home mom, you’re constantly learning – from mastering the art of diaper changes to navigating toddler tantrums. But beyond these everyday skills, there’s so much more to learn that can contribute to your personal growth.

Think of it as self-improvement that can help you feel more fulfilled, stay sharp, and even prep you for your next career move. Plus, it’s amazing to model the love for learning to your little ones, showing them that growth doesn’t stop at any stage in life.

For moms considering a return to work someday, online courses are your best friend. They’re a great way to stay updated with industry trends, ensuring that you remain a competitive candidate. In the freelance business world, for instance, the terrain is always shifting, and knowing the latest strategies can make a significant difference.

Also, never underestimate the power of finding new hobbies or interests! Through online learning, you can discover a passion for blogging, a knack for social media marketing, or even the pleasure of making handmade items. It’s not just about making money online, it’s also about doing something you love and gaining a sense of achievement.

So…How Free is “Free”?

Some of these listed are hosted on platforms that require monthly subscription, but at the time of writing, each of these have free trials that should give you initial access to these courses for free (for example, on SkillShare’s 7 day free trial), which gives you enough time to consume the content and decide whether you want to continue on a paid version.

Here are some of my favorites!

coursera free course

#1 Social Media Marketing on Coursera

This course, offered by Northwestern University, is actually part of a Social Media Marketing Specialization. It gives you a broad understanding of the ins and outs of social media marketing and the role it plays in today’s digital world. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive audit of social media strategies

  2. Develop engaging and viral content

  3. Analyze the performance of your social media campaigns

  4. Understand how to use data-driven insights to improve your strategy

After completing this course, you could explore roles such as a social media marketer, social media strategist, or even start offering freelance social media consulting services.

free online course, futurelearn

#2 Start Writing Fiction on FutureLearn

This course focuses on the essential elements of writing fiction such as characters, plots, settings, and dialogue. Topics covered in the course include:

  1. How to develop a regular writing habit

  2. Techniques for creating characters and settings

  3. Understanding point of view and genre

  4. Techniques for editing and revising your work

Upon completion of this course, you could start your journey as a freelance writer, author, content creator, or even a writing coach.

hubspot academy, free online course for stay at home moms

#3 Blogging and Content Creation on HubSpot Academy

This course focuses on how to create engaging content and promote it effectively. Topics include:

  1. Crafting compelling blog post titles

  2. Outlining and structuring blog posts

  3. Promoting your blog through social media and email marketing

  4. Using analytics to improve your content

After this course, you could work as a blogger, content marketer, or freelance writer. You could also use the skills to boost traffic to your existing blog or start a new one. Plus, you get a certificate with it!

buffer course

#4 Social Media 101 on Buffer

This course is perfect for those looking to master the basics of social media. It covers:

  1. Overview of popular social media platforms

  2. Creating a successful social media strategy

  3. Scheduling and analyzing social media posts

  4. Understanding social media algorithms

After the course, you could consider roles such as a social media manager, digital marketer, or offer your services as a freelance social media consultant.

free online courses, alison

#5 Introduction to Crochet on Alison

This free course is designed to guide you through the basic stitches and techniques of crochet, one of the most classic and versatile handmade items. It starts with an introduction to the basic tools and materials needed, teaching you how to hold the crochet hook and yarn correctly to ensure comfort and control. You’ll also learn about different yarn types and their uses, as well as how to read crochet patterns.

Job Opportunities:

  • Freelance Crochet Artist: You could sell your crochet creations online, at craft fairs, or in local boutiques. Custom orders for unique items could also be a great income source.

  • Crochet Blogger or Vlogger: With your newly acquired skills, you could start a blog or YouTube channel to share crochet patterns, tips, and tutorials. Combining this with affiliate marketing can be an excellent way to make money while doing what you love.

  • Crochet Instructor: You might also consider teaching others how to crochet, either through local workshops or online courses.

Embarking on this free course could open the door to a relaxing hobby that not only allows for creativity but can also turn into a profitable online business. So, if you’re ready to get your feet wet in the world of crochet, this course could be a great starting point.

free course for moms, linkedin learning

#6 Affiliate Marketing Foundations on LinkedIn Learning

This course gives an in-depth understanding of affiliate marketing, including:

  1. The basics of affiliate marketing

  2. Identifying and applying to affiliate programs

  3. Marketing products effectively

  4. Understanding affiliate marketing laws and regulations

After the course, you could consider roles such as an affiliate marketer, digital marketing specialist, or use affiliate marketing to monetize a blog or social media following. This can be a serious money maker if done right, and has made many successful affiliates hundreds of thousands – or even millions!

#7 Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design on Skillshare

This free online course goes beyond teaching the software tools used in graphic design. It focuses on the core principles of graphic design including symmetry, scale, framing, hierarchy, and grids. This awesome free course helps stay at home moms and other students to understand the thought process behind creating a captivating visual.

Job Opportunities:

  • Freelance Graphic Designer: This is a high-demand, flexible role where you could work for various clients across the globe on projects ranging from social media graphics to corporate branding. It’s a perfect online business opportunity that can make money online.

  • Blogger: Bloggers with strong design skills can set themselves apart with compelling visuals, infographics, and well-designed website elements. If you’re into writing, this could be a perfect career to combine your graphic design and writing career.

  • Visual Content Creator: With graphic design skills, you could create stunning written content for various brands’ social media platforms, becoming a valuable social media manager.

codeacademy free online course

#8 Learn HTML & Learn CSS on Codecademy

This free online course covers the basics of web development. It starts with HTML (HyperText Markup Language), which is used to structure web pages, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which is used to style them. It introduces you to creating, styling, and navigating through a website – an excellent free course for tech-savvy home moms.

Job Opportunities:

  • Freelance Web Developer: There’s a constant demand for web developers as every business seeks to have an online presence. This allows you to earn money online from the comfort of your home.

  • Web Design Business Owner: With these skills, you could start a web design business, working with clients to build and maintain their websites. It’s a great opportunity to establish your own online business.

  • Blogger: Bloggers who know how to code have more control over their website design and functionality. This could lead to making more money blogging

Khan academy, free online courses for stay at home moms

#9 Financial Literacy on Khan Academy

This free course covers the basics of personal finance including understanding interest, managing debt, and the fundamentals of saving and investing. This great course helps you learn how to set financial goals, make smart spending decisions, and manage economic risks.

Job Opportunities:

  • Personal Finance Blogger: Share your learnings and personal experiences to help others manage their finances better. This is one way of making money blogging.

  • Personal Finance Consultant: Advise people on managing their money, saving, investing, and growing wealth. It’s a high-demand role that can generate more income.

Remember, many of these potential jobs offer the flexibility to work from home or set your own hours, which can be particularly helpful for stay-at-home moms. Taking these free online courses for stay at home moms can open up a world of opportunities for personal and professional development, right from the comfort of your own home.

coursera, free online course

#10 Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR on Coursera

This free course takes you on a journey from using a simple smartphone camera to sophisticated DSLR. You’ll learn the science behind exposure and types of light, and then dive into software to enhance your images. A great course to add a feather to your creative cap!

Job Opportunities:

  • Freelance Photographer: Offer services to clients for various events or professional shoots. A great side hustle for stay-at-home moms who enjoy capturing the beauty of the world.

  • Photography Blogger: Share your knowledge about photography on your blog, and showcase your work to gain more followers and clients.

  • Stock Photographer: Create images for stock photo websites and earn when people download your photos. It’s a simple way to make money while doing what you love.

Free Online Courses for Stay at Home Moms, alison

#11 Introduction to Human Nutrition on Alison

This free online course is designed for stay-at-home moms interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. You’ll learn about essential nutrients, the role of nutrition in our health, planning diets, and the concept of energy balance.

Job Opportunities:

  • Health Blogger: Share healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, and educate your readers about nutrition on your blog. Establish a following and you can make money through affiliate marketing and partnerships.

  • Nutrition Consultant: Advise clients on dietary matters relating to health, well-being, and optimal nutrition. A great career for those passionate about health and wellness.

#12 Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills on Coursera

This free course teaches you the four steps to a successful negotiation, with a separate module devoted to each step. You’ll learn strategies and techniques for effective negotiations. An amazing course for boosting your confidence and interpersonal skills.

Job Opportunities:

  • Business Consultant: Help businesses improve their processes and negotiations. An online business option that’s in high demand.

  • Life Coach: Help individuals improve their negotiation and communication skills for better personal and professional relationships. This is a fulfilling and potentially profitable career path.

Remember, many of these potential jobs offer the flexibility to work from home or set your own hours, which can be particularly helpful for stay-at-home moms. Investing time in the best online courses can open up a world of opportunities for personal and professional development. Embrace the opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own home and make the most of these awesome free courses. With perseverance and passion, making money online can become your reality.

How to Make the Most of These Free Online Courses for Stay at Home Moms

You’ve now got a list of impressive free online courses for stay at home moms at your fingertips, perfect for any stay-at-home mom interested in exploring new career paths, hobbies, or simply gaining more knowledge. But how can you ensure you’re making the most of these resources?

Tips for Effective Online Learning

One of the best parts about online courses is that you can learn at your own pace, right from the comfort of your own home. However, effective learning still requires some planning and commitment. Here are some tips:

  • Create a study schedule: Just like any commitment, setting aside regular time each week can ensure you keep up with the material.

  • Take notes: Write down key points as you go along to help solidify your understanding and make it easier to review the material later.

  • Participate actively: Make the most of the interactive features of these courses. Ask questions, join discussions, and complete all exercises and assignments.

  • Use the ‘pause’ button: One of the benefits of online learning is that you can pause the lecture to think about or research a point that’s not clear to you. Make full use of this!

  • Learn by doing: Try to apply what you learn in your daily life. This is particularly effective for courses like personal finance management or nutrition.

Balancing Motherhood and Online Learning

Stay-at-home moms have a unique challenge when it comes to studying – the need to balance motherhood with learning. Here’s how you can handle it:

  • Take advantage of nap times: This can be an ideal quiet time to focus on your courses.

  • Get the family involved: If the kids are older, explain what you’re doing and ask for their cooperation during your study times.

  • Be flexible: Some days, your planned schedule just might not work out – and that’s okay. The beauty of online courses is that they offer the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

Encouragement for Consistent Learning

Keeping the momentum can sometimes be hard, especially when juggling multiple responsibilities. Here’s a gentle nudge to keep going:

  • Remember your ‘why’: Whether it’s to start a new career, create a side hustle, or merely pursue an interest, remind yourself why you started in the first place.

  • Celebrate small wins: Finished a module? Celebrate it! These small wins keep you motivated and make the whole process more enjoyable.

  • Connect with fellow learners: Many online platforms have community forums. Join in, share your experiences and learn from others. You’re not alone in this journey.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it – a round up of my favorite free online courses for stay at home moms! A wonderful world of learning awaits you, right from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s diving into the world of social media marketing, exploring the creativity of handmade items, or honing your freelance writing skills, there’s a course just waiting for you to click ‘start’.

And remember, every step you take is an investment in yourself. So go ahead, make that to-do list, find your course, and embark on this exciting journey of self-improvement. Here’s to making learning a lifelong adventure!

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